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John Seelye
John Seelye is a senior yoga instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience who is well versed in the all levels of yoga practice, the healing arts of yoga therapeutics and support of the subtle energy bio fields through the use of Pranic Healing and Reiki.

John is a certified Anusara® Yoga instructor, a graduate of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy program, Pranic Healing Level III, Reiki Level II and Yoga Therapy programs. His meditation practice dates back more than 25 years. A lifelong interest in human potential continues to fuel his journey.

He has been teaching private sessions, group classes, and leading retreats and teacher trainings in New York City and the Hamptons for over 25 years. He founded One Ocean Yoga 11 years ago, that today operates every summer in a tent-studio and indoors every winter on the grounds of Channing Daughters Winery. John teaches private sessions by appointment in the Hamptons and NYC and offers workshops in various studios in the northeastern US.

In addition to teaching yoga, John is on the Review Committee for Certification in the School of Anusara® Yoga and is expecting certification as a Master Trainer for future Urban Zen Integrative Therapists in the near future. He also sponsors and produces yoga related events throughout the year, including concerts with Krishna Das, Wah, The Hanumen, David Hykes and benefits for Urban Zen and Bent on Learning.

To contact John, please email

Anusara Yoga:

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy:

Pranic Healing: www.PranicHealingUSA.

Katherine Shapiro
I have taught private and group classes in The Hamptons and NYC for over 15 years.  
My classes are challenging and creative, with playful exploration and deconstruction of poses, intelligent alignment, sequencing and mindful flow. I call them "sweaty and sweet". 
I have a BFA in Dance, 500hr ISHTA training, YogaWorks Bridge and YogaShanti Advanced training. I am registered with Yoga Alliance as a E-RYT 500 and YACAP (continuing ed. provider).
I am grateful to John Seelye for his support and teachings and the community at One Ocean Yoga.
I also currently teach at YogaShanti, YogaWorks, Hospital for Special Surgery's Public and Patient education Division and as part of NYU's Wellness for WIN.
My desire for mindful and compassionate living in a chaotic world brought me to the practice of yoga which I continually endeavor to integrate into every aspect of my life.
Linda Muse
Linda Muse is a certified Kripalu Yoga, Yoga Zone, and Yoga Ed. instructor who has 17 years of experience teaching yoga to adults and children. Her style is gentle, joyful, meditative, heart-opening with a focus on vinyasa flow, deep restorative poses, alignment and total relaxation. And yes, I am available and love to do privates!
Evelyn O'Doherty
Evelyn O'Doherty believes in yoga & meditation as a means to facilitate an energetic inward turning as well as create a dynamic connection between the mind & body. A lover of Siddha Yoga meditation and a faithful practitioner of the Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment, Evelyn's yoga experience focuses on the power of the breath, the principles of alignment and the poise of the heart in order to dive within and maximize our human potential. She loves to incorporate vinyasa flow and meditation into every class.
Monica Kadash
Monica - Yogini with an accent! Monica grew up in a small town in Switzerland where she started practicing hatha yoga at the age of 14, over 30 years ago. Hatha yoga, along with chanting and meditation have been the pillars of her life, allowing her to experience happiness and freedom from within. She completed her teacher training in the Anusara style and philosophy, and holds a certificate at the 200 hour level. Monica has been teaching for eight years; she is known as an inspirational teacher who’s main focus is alignment, breath and the language of the heart. While teaching a well rounded class, she has the ability and gift to take her students to a place of deep stillness within. Monica is also a professional Doula, certified by DONA International, who serves and educates women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, making this most defining time truly remarkable. Pre Natal Yoga is one of her specialties! To learn more, visit
Tammy Burstein
Tammy Burstein has been teaching Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® Waves practice since 2001, practicing the 5Rhythms® since 1997, and living them since before she knew they existed. In January 2010 she was certified by the Moving Center to teach Heartbeat, the second of Gabrielle Roth’s maps. She has taught up and down the eastern seaboard and internationally, including as a Core Faculty member at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. She is a member of the staff of the Moving Center School New York, teaches two weekly classes in New York City and workshops globally. She has made her living as a dancer, a lighting designer, a travel agent, a librarian, and a personal organizer. She makes her life dancing the 5Rhythms®.

“Tammy is an exceptional woman, teacher and DJ both on and off the floor. I encourage you all to experience the grounded, soft, wild dancing space that she has created …” – Jonathan Horan, Director of The Moving Center School New York.

Isabella Channing
Isabella, the owner and primary teacher of The Shack Yoga, a yoga studio in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, is a certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor. She began teaching in 2003 in Uruguay, South America where she was originally trained in the Sivananda Yoga method. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health & Wellness Coach and has extensive training in Ashtanga and Anusara methods of yoga. She currently teaches private and group classes in NYC, the Hamptons, and Uruguay. She has partnered with John Seelye to host One Ocean Yoga on her family’s vineyard in Bridgehampton, NY.
Sylvia Channing
A native of the east end, and a Channing Daughter, I have completed over 500 hours of teacher training with Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee. I like to sequence dynamic alignment into a flow class that focuses the mind and ignites heat in the body. I want my students to enjoy the most challenging postures and leave feeling relaxed, clear and even. When I'm not on my mat (or your mat), I'm probably in a garden drawing lots of earthly inspiration for my asana practice.
Karen Meyer
Karen has been described by many as a “natural born teacher”. She began her professional life as a Special Education Teacher at an early age, and continues her learning today, both as a teacher and student.

Endowing her yoga classes with the same individual attention as she did in her former years of teaching , Karen’s personal commitment is to bring out the Beauty, Heart, and Spirit in every student. She makes yoga user-friendly—with her, playfulness, purity of heart, and a lightness and simplicity deeply rooted in her extensive study of Yoga as a Living Practice of Energy Movement through the Chakra System.
In addition to Karen’s eternal quest of accessing yoga as an integrative Mind/Body/Spiritual Practice, through her formal training in Hatha and Raja Yoga with the Himalayan Institute; she is also trained in Thai Yoga Massage, Sound Healing, and Aromatherapy. She is a Polarity Practioner, a Reiki Master and an Interfaith Minister. These incorporated modalities have instilled Karen with the wisdom and grace to help her students reap the joys of living yoga on and off the mat.
Her classes are designed for students to define, refine, and align their postures--with freedom, wonderment, and a dedication to their personal growth and celebration of life.
Learn more about Karen by visiting her website at

Jenna Walter
Jenna discovered yoga at seventeen and it propelled her on a journey to discover her souls destiny. Native American rituals, women???s healing circles, co-counseling and shamanic studies in the Incan tradition have all influenced her teaching style. She has also studied other healing modalities that complement her yoga, including Shiatsu massage at the Ohashi Institute, herbology with Arcus Flynn, nutrition and quantum energy studies with Karen Panish and Siddha Yoga chanting and meditation. She has also completed 300 hours of training in Peruvian Shamanism with Alberto Villoldo???s , The Four Winds Society.

Jenna is now leading workshops and retreats around the globe bringing her love of service to another level through her Dream Weaver Yoga and Shamanic Healing ~*~ 8 THREADS OF LIGHT INTENSIVES . These are transformational teachings for the era of enLIGHTenment.

Susan Rubin
With over 18 years experience in yoga and teaching Susan encourages students to explore and deepen their understanding and experience of the universal flows of energy, through the practices of yoga. The elegant principles of alignment as set forth in the Sage method are healing and transformational. Susan is well known for the art of adjusting and therapeutic yoga.
“I have been blessed to meet great teachers of life on this path”
Susan shares the insights from her deeply dedicated studies in philosophy, and meditation with Dr Douglas Brooks.
She teaches classes, private therapeutic yoga sessions, workshops, immersions, and retreats internationally. Along with Lauri Nemetz and special guest instructors, Susan has taught the most comprehensive yoga teacher training in Westchester. Susan has relocated to the Hamptons and NYC
Roey Ficaro
Roey Ficaro, LCSW, CYT, RYT-500: A practitioner of yoga for over 25 years and a certified yoga/meditation teacher for 15 years. Roey is also a licensed psychotherapist/hypnotherapist for the past 25 years, specializing in stress reduction/anxiety/trauma/depression & addiction. Her extensive yoga training is based on the Iyengar & Anusara systems of alignment. She has trained with many internationally known teachers and facilitates workshops and yoga retreats in the tri-state area & Tulum Mexico.
Iris Cohen
Iris Cohen discovered yoga 17 years ago when a friend recommended it as an antidote to mothering three boys and a career in deadline magazine journalism. She opened Westchester-based Be True Yoga in 2010 and now continues her mission for sustainable wellness. She leads classes in Westchester and New York City, retreats in the Hamptons, Miami and Tulum, workshops for students and teachers as well as the Be True Cleanse, a nutrition and yoga program created with functional medicine expert, Dr. Frank Lipman. Her alignment-based instruction is thoughtful, nourishing and playful. She infuses her teaching with her love of story, meditation and music.

Charity Robinson
Charity Joy Robinson
After travelling and teaching movement across the globe Charity Joy Robinson has found herself residing in The Hamptons of New York recently.
She spent 3.5 years creating and facilitating a health and wellness program in the island of Mustique of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, consisting of yoga, core fit, dance fitness, paddleboard yoga and natural fitness training sessions.
Charity has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and teaching yoga and dance for 10 years. Charity has had many teachers over the years including Sean Corn, Shiva Rea. Dharma Mittra, Rich Logan, and she has found the best teacher to be the practice. She is a Thai Yoga massage practitioner after studying in Thailand over 8 years ago and continues to go back every few years to deepen her studies.
Charity has also dove deep in to energy healing and is a certified Reiki Master as well as an Access consciousness bars practitioner.
Charity Joy has a very positive outlook on life and it plays out in her teachings as playful yet challenging through an upbeat vinyasa flow style session accompanied with reggae, and global music. She encourages you and your body to try something new with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart.
She teaches private and group sessions to adults and children in New York city, and the Hamptons and continues to travel to the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia upon request.
Maxine Tobias
Maxine began her teaching career in English and Drama. She has studied yoga with BKS Iyengar since 1968 and holds an advanced certificate in this system. She has been teaching since 1971 and believes in the power of yoga as a system of movement that awakens the inner potential and creative power within the individual. The hallmark of Iyengar Yoga is precision, attention to detail and concentration which brings about bodily alignment and mental clarity. In recent years Maxine has studied Pilates and Astanga Yoga to extend her understanding of movement for the human body through which we can express our creative energy. While she visits the East End frequently and is here with us Mid July through August, she also operates her own studio, CHELSEA YOGA, in London
Steve Anderson
Reiki Master/Teacher & Ceremonialist Steve Anderson is a seeker of all that nurtures wellness and fosters unity. His love and passion for travel is fueled by his fascination of the human experience, the diversity of cultural expression and the multitude of ways each society provides for it’s common fundimental needs. It has brought him down a unique path immersed with dozens indigenous societies native to not just North & South America but reaching deep into the pacific rim of fire. A solid foundation of personal recovery throughout his adult life has taught him that Service to others is the key to his happiness as it is verb of Love & Love heals all wounds. Recognizing his recovery and the spirit of service in his approach, his mentors/teachers have opened otherwise closed doors to their ways and they’ve trained Steve directly for over ten years as he lived and worked along side them & their people. Gifting him permission to offer certain ceremonies and the healing benefits of Shamanic practices they have taught him over time. Reiki came into his life this way and it is the foundation that supports the all of the healing skills he offers to his students & clients. Steve was attuned as a Reiki practitioner Level I&II in Hawaii and Oregon in 2005 under the Dianne Stein lineage. Over the next two years he studied and practice to complete his training and became a Reiki master so he could pass this beautiful gift on to others. In 2012 he was asked to teach Reiki in Holland. To broaden his credentials as a teacher, he studied and was attuned again to all three levels by his second teacher under the original Usui liniege. Tho the two approaches have their variations, he found that the essence of both doesn’t differ at all as Love is at the core of both and is the foundation of his practice. Through his Reiki training classes and Reiki sessions he helps others realize how vital their active participation is to their own wellness, healing & to find lasting balance in their lives. Through use of the Shamanic the tools he’s been gifted, he assist people in healing from traumas from their past and helps them open channels to receive information they may need in order to move forward from practices and habits they may be stuck from events of their past. For more information regarding private Reiki or Shamanic sessions, Ceremonies or the Spiritual journeys he offers to Peru, please visit
Elizabeth Muzyka
Elizabeth Muzyka is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center The Hamptons in Water Mill NY. She has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism and meditation for many years as a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and continues her study as part of the Teacher Training Program. Elizabeth is known for her clear, direct teaching with warmth and sincerity, showing how to practically and easily integrate Buddha’s teachings into busy, modern daily life.

Her teachings are inspired by her deep love of Dharma and her many years of practice.

Kadampa Meditation Center the Hamptons is a peaceful place of refuge and spiritual encouragement located in the heart of Water Mill, New York. Inspired by the books and teachings of modern-day Kadampa Buddhist master Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, we present meditation and the teachings of Buddha in a accessible manner that can easily be understood and integrated into our modern lives. The center is run by volunteers and together we have created a friendly, compassionate and engaged community.

Kadampa Meditation Center The Hamptons 720 C Montauk Highway, Water Mill NY 11976 631-728-5700

Hanumen Hanumen
Who are The Hanumen?
Named after Hanuman, a brave monkey featured in South Asian mythology, the Hanumen (pronounced “Ha new men”) are: John de Kadt (, Benjy Wertheimer (, Gaura Vani (, and Purusartha Dasa.

Highly trained in the sacred music of India yet rooted in American blues, the Hanumen perform an original mix of song and story and call and response chant in English and Sanskrit. Their sound vibrations fill the senses with joy and encourage?listeners to be the change they wish to see in the world. Join the Mantra Revolution!

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